Thursday, November 21, 2019

To all the college sophomores, one year down and sadly still three to fours years to go before you have completed your first Bachelor’s degree. Congrats on getting through your first year but have you stopped to think how you are going to get through the next three to four years? Wow, what is a college student suppose to do!

College Tuition Continues to Skyrocket

Tuition prices continue to skyrocket and this next year they might even increase by double figures. What is a college student supposed to do? Will your scholarships, federal grants, and financial aid cover the cost? The average college student is graduating college with at least $20,000 to $40,000 dollars in loans and some with $60,000 to $100,000.

The last depressing fact is half of the college students are thinking about moving back in with their parents because they can’t find a job after graduation. If you are a college freshman or junior, college scholarships for college sophomores will still benefit you. College sophomore students are at an advantage because they have completed their first year of college, about to declare their major and have time to apply for internships and assistantship.

Won’t federal financial aid be enough to pay for college? Not anymore.

The federal government is cutting its budget in education leading to a smaller budget for colleges and universities and less financial aid for students. We already see it happening all around us with tuition prices increasing to students in college relying on loans to get them through each year.
How are you supposed to pay for college with as little of loans as possible?

Scholarships, internships, and assistantships have increased over 200% over the past five years and college students need to take advantage. Companies and businesses are offering to cover tuition, hand out scholarships and even supply a job after graduation if the student gets an internship or assistantship. That’s everything a college student should want, right?

So many students want a college experience but the TRUE purpose of college is to get an education for a career field.

College Sophomores Steps for Success

If you’re a college sophomores or freshmen here are three things you need to do before next year:

First, focus on your classes to learn the basic skills you will need in your career field and explore through a diversity of college classes to discover what career field truly interest you. The first two years of college is to prove yourself through grades, explore different career fields and discover the career path that most interest you to pursue. Stop partying so much and take the first step advancing your life towards the career field of your dreams.

Second, after filing your FAFSA for federal financial aid put your focus in applying for college scholarships and scholarship programs. Many scholarships are offered by the universities, community, and companies that share your career field of interest. While finding a summer job is important, scholarships can pay so much more than working long hours for minimum wage. Start your scholarship search today to avoid loans at all cost.

Third, search for internships and assistantships with companies and organizations in your career field of interest. So many companies have tuition reimbursement or will pay for your tuition through an internship. One of the largest providers is USA Funds and is a great place to begin your search. Search the community your in to see if there are any opportunities for internships or assistantships. College is so much sweeter when it is paid for.

Final Word

Don’t be a statistic in unemployment or moving back with your parents. Take control of your future and your college education because college tuition prices are not coming down anytime soon. While college can be all fun and games, you are in college to get an education and prepare yourself for a future in your desired career. Finally, continue to read my articles on college scholarships for college sophomores to cruise through college without any loans or debt.


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